1. Follow-up is another important aspect of the treatment process. Your treatment plan will outline follow-up appointments as needed to monitor your progress.
  2. The first follow-up appointment typically occurs three to six weeks after your last treatment. Once your treatment is completed, your physician will ask that you report any symptoms you experience.
  3. If you notice anything abnormal, contact us immediately.
  4. We recommend the special care you used during treatment continue for at least a short period of time following your last treatment.
  1. For example, if you experienced skin irritation during treatment, continue to use a skin moisturizer or physician recommended treatment until the irritated area has healed.
  2. For fatigue, continue to take naps as needed and try to get extra rest at night.
  3. If you followed a special diet during treatment, you may need to continue the diet for a period of time after treatment is completed.
  4. If your treatment plan requires any special follow-up care instructions, your physician will direct you when your treatment course is finished.

This practice is currently set-up to provide a holistic multidisciplinary cancer care plan for the benefit of all our patients.

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Dr Paradza offers high quality, personalised, evidence-based and peer reviewed multidisciplinary cancer care for all his patients.


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