The Care Process


Our care process begins with a meeting with our radiation oncologist to discuss your diagnosis and treatment options. You and your loved ones will have time to ask questions and express any concerns. The radiation oncologist reviews your medical history and records, which includes copies of your imaging and medical scans, pathology or biopsy reports, and previous treatment records This information helps determine if you are a candidate for radiation therapy. The consultation visit typically lasts about one to two hours. In addition, you will be assigned a coordinator who will help address your needs and concerns throughout the entire treatment process. For your consultation, please bring the following documents:

  1. Any medical records we have requested that were not previously sent
  2. Your medical aid card
  3. Your ID book
  4. A list of current medications


Dr Paradza offers high quality, personalised, evidence-based and peer reviewed multidisciplinary cancer care for all his patients.


Marker Oncology Building, Netcare Pinehaven, Pinehaven Estate,
1 Gateway Road, Pinehaven Twp, Krugersdorp, 1739

Tel 011 622 1433/1943